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A Test Of Will (Signed Copy)

A Test of Will: One Man's Extraordinary Story of Survival is a tale of adventure, courage, and triumphs, but most importantly, it is an inspiring story about embracing life from a man who almost lost his.

Warren Macdonald, a fit and experienced hiker, set out to make the grueling climb to the top of Australia's spectacular Mount Bowen. But what had begun as a two-day adventure suddenly turned into a nightmare when Macdonald found himself lying in a creek bed, both his legs pinned by a giant boulder. While his companion made the solitary eight-hour journey to find help, the trapped hiker fought to stay alive. But this was only the beginning.

A Test of Will has the suspense of a mystery, the pacing of a thriller, and the intimacy of the best inspirational literature. A gifted storyteller, Macdonald captures the terror and high drama of his hours alone in the wilderness. He also writes eloquently about his life both before and after the accident: his training as an adventure tour guide and his vow to continue his life in the outdoors even after both his legs are amputated. In 2003, Macdonald became the first double above-knee amputee to reach the summit of Africa's tallest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro.

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All That Glitters by Margo Talbot (Signed Copy)

In All That Glitters: A Climbers Journey through Addiction and Depression, world-renowned ice climber Margo Talbot shares her compelling story of healing and self-discovery amid the frozen landscapes of the planet. Rescued from the depths of drug addiction and crime by the lure of climbing frozen waterfalls, Margo rises from the brink of suicidal depression in a jail cell to being envied by a client in Antarctica for having a “dream life”.

All That Glitters is a story of healing and redemption; a story about losing oneself, and then finding one’s way back home.

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The Second Step – Warren Macdonald’s Epic Journey to Federaton Peak (Digital Download: MP4)

Warren's award winning (8 international awards) inspirational documentary film on his epic 28-day journey to Federation Peak, Australia's most challenging mountain. This product includes Will Gadd's film "Part Animal, Part Machine" which captures Warren's ascent of the 600ft frozen waterfall, Weeping Wall, PLUS Timmy O'Neill's "Kroykees!" featuring Warren's 3 day climb of Yosemite's 2,800ft big wall, El Capitan.

We all of have the ability to pull off some pretty incredible things, the difference is, some people are afraid of taking that first step. In the heart of South West Tasmania's magnificent World Heritage wilderness stands Federation Peak, one of Australia's most challenging mountains. Against all the odds, Warren Macdonald spends 28 days hiking to and climbing the peak, becoming the first double above-knee amputee ever to do so. Walking away from the social constraints so readily applied to the "disabled", and journeying into wild nature, Warren casts off the shackles and goes in search of the personal freedom he enjoyed before his horrific accident two years before. The Second Step is the profound story of one mans extraordinary courage and determination to take back control of his life.

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