How Warren Can Help

Imagine what it would mean to have your team:

  • Genuinely engaged and motivated.
  • Acting with a newfound sense of purpose and perspective.
  • Actively seeking solutions to challenges faced.
  • Switch their reaction to change from “Not my job” to “I’m on it!”

All of these and more needn’t remain a dream... Warren Macdonald can help change the way you see the world, and your place in it….

One of life’s certainties is that nothing stays the same; that things change and this in itself can be challenging. Equipping yourself and those around you with a mindset that seeks solutions, that looks for opportunities rather than obstacles may well be the best investment you’ll ever make.

That’s where inspirational keynote speaker/ motivational speaker Warren Macdonald comes in…


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"The presentation you delivered was heartfelt and more than inspirational. You captured exactly what we were looking to hear and you weaved your story and teachings brilliantly throughout. We have been back to work a few weeks now and people are still talking about some of your key take-away messages. They were so simple and could they not! Thank you again for choosing to spend time with us. We are better for it!"
Niall Quaid
Director / Sales Communications & Training / Kraft
Warren Macdonald is a must for any organization with Leaders looking for development and obstacles that need to be turned into opportunities. I am a fan.
Joel Chevalier
Director, Employee Experience / Whistler Blackcomb
Warren, you were warmly embraced with a standing ovation before you even reached the stage! Your message of perception and determination deeply touched the entire audience. It has renewed and reenergized our sales force to reach for new heights. We are so excited to have you work with us again. "Climb on"!
Laura Rodrigues
Director, Corporate and Employee Events / RBC Insurance


Who is Warren Macdonald?

One catastrophic moment redefined Warren’s life in April 1997 with a freak rock fall on a remote Australian island that left him pinned under a one-ton boulder. For two days he lay trapped and alone, surviving the ordeal only to lose both legs at mid thigh.

Doctors told him he’d never walk again. Warren’s response: “I don’t recall them saying anything about cycling, kayaking, or climbing mountains…” Just ten months later he scaled Cradle Mountain, and in February 2003 Warren became the first double above-knee amputee to reach the summit of Africa’s tallest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro.

Born in Melbourne, Australia; Warren lives in Canmore, Alberta (an hour from Calgary, 20 minutes from Banff National Park) in the Canadian Rockies with his partner Margo.

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Warren's Commitment to You

  • I’ve been speaking professionally for over 15 years and can honestly say I’ve never given the same speech twice. I will take the time to learn about your organization and tailor my presentation so that it’s relevant, timely, and if you’d like; tells your audience not so much what they want to hear, but what they need to hear…
  • You’ve got enough on your plate with organizing your event; you don’t need a prima donna keynote speaker. I pride myself on being easy to work with.
  • I’ll arrive at your event as early as possible to attend other sessions, meet with people, and generally take the temperature of your event so I can get in the zone in preparation for my presentation.
  • I’ll also stick around as long as travel requirements permit to sign books and meet with your attendees.

Keynote Programs

The Power of Perception: Building a Breakthrough Mindset

Overview: If we can’t see where it is we need to go, what are our chances of getting there? If your team or your members can’t see where you’re going, what are the chances they’ll get onboard?

In navigating change, and overcoming the challenges that come with it, we need to address the foundation; the root cause of why we often get stuck or disengaged, and that is, how we perceive change in the first place.

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Return on Resilience: Bouncing Back is just the Beginning

Overview: If there’s one certainty, in business and in life, it’s that we will all face challenges; that we will all, at some point be faced with a seeming insurmountable obstacle or obstacles. When that happens, our greatest ally is found in our ability to endure; to adapt. When that happens, it pays to have banked some resilience.

This keynote presentation focuses on what we can do to prepare for our challenges in advance. On how we can fortify ourselves against the curveballs and roadblocks before they happen by practicing resilience.

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The Challenge of Change: Finding Opportunity in Adversity

Overview: We’ve all heard it a million times; “change is constant”, “the only certainty in life is change”, “change or perish”. We all know it; what we need is for someone to show us how to deal with it. Warren’s “Challenge of Change” presentation will help your group realize that challenges brought on by change hold endless opportunities for innovation and personal and professional growth. That it’s the challenges we face that build the resilience we need as we’re asked to do more, with less...That it is possible to not just survive, but to thrive despite adversity.

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One Step Beyond: Setting and Reaching Impossible Goals

Overview: It’s all well and good to set seemingly impossible goals; the kind that has your team looking at you like you’re nuts. Like this time you’ve really lost it...You need them to see what you see. You need to convince them, to inspire your team to follow you. To show them what is possible when you’re prepared to go One Step Beyond...

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Local Speaker

Warren lives in one of Canada's (if not North America's) premier conference destinations, the Canadian Rockies. If you're meeting is taking place in Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Canmore or Kananaskis Country; or nearby in Edmonton, Calgary or Red Deer, please Contact Us for local pricing.

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