Think Global, Act Local


So, you’ve decided to hold your meeting/ conference in the best location in North America (IMHO), and now you need a local speaker. Look no further.

My name is Warren Macdonald. Born in Melbourne, Australia; I’ve lived in Canada since early 2003 and call Canmore, Alberta my home. I travel all over the world teaching people how to become more resilient; how to change the world beginning with how they see it, and every now and then I get to share those lessons right here in my backyard.

Local Speaker Rate

I’m a 3 ½ hour drive from Jasper, 45 minutes from Kananaskis, 20 minutes from Banff and a few minute “wheel” from anywhere in Canmore. Not to mention, though technically not “in” the mountains; 3 ½ hours from Edmonton and an hour from Calgary. That means I can drive to any of these locations, and most likely will get to sleep in my own bed. That means $’s saved for you; ie a reduced speaker fee.

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PS. My guess is that seeing that you’re holding your meeting in the mountains, you’ll likely have a “mountain” theme. That’s something that’s definitely in my wheelhouse and I’m more than happy to help with ideas, including suggestions on other local speakers you might want to consider.

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