It’s all well and good to set seemingly impossible goals; the kind that has your team looking at you like you’re nuts. Like this time you’ve really lost it . . . You need them to see what you see. You need to convince them, to inspire your team to follow you. To show them what is possible when you’re prepared to go One Step Beyond...

  • Beyond ordinary
  • Beyond conventional
  • Beyond perceived limitations

Expected Outcomes

Carol Gardibie sums it up best in her testimonial below.

You can expect your team to become engaged in raising the performance bar.


Key Takeaways

  • Reinforced understanding of the power of purpose, i.e.: when we have purpose, we have an edge...
  • The ability to see obstacles as stepping-stones toward our goals.
  • A clear understanding of the importance of preparation in reaching your goals.

It is difficult to sum up in a few words the positive feedback we received from Warren's presentation and the lasting "can do" impression his story has left with us. Warren spoke to our Leadership group with passion and professionalism. He took the time to learn about our organization and understood our business goals; linking his experiences with the challenges we face in order to show us just what is possible when we face our fears and act with intent. Warren's story, told in a unique, captivating style provided lessons of lasting value that we continue to reflect on long after hearing him speak. Thank you Warren, for leaving us with such an encouraging and positive sense of realization that we can succeed, even when confronted with obstacles that at first appear to be insurmountable.
Marissa Poratto Cleghorn
Manager Business Research / MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates
Your topic "One Step Beyond" was one of the best and most powerful keynotes I have had the pleasure of hearing. The topic had an impact for many of the attendees as the evaluation form for the Conference stated. Some of the words used to describe your keynote were "exceptional", "inspiring", "very, very moving" and "this keynote makes me want to climb mountains".
Carol Gardibie
Speaker Coordinator 2006 CAPLA Conference / Canadian Association of Petroleum Administration
Warren's ability to force us to step back and look at 'how' we view our current challenges was powerful. He has already helped us to start to tackle some of these challenges that we simply complained about prior. We now have a renewed sense of our own ability to view them differently and dismantle them 'one step, one peak, one wave' at a time!
Keith Strachan
GM Southern Alberta / Wolseley Canada

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